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Hyundai, Kia should see 100M in sales by end of April

16-04-27 18:03


Accumulated sales at Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors are expected to surpass 100 million
units by this month, the auto group said Monday. According to accumulated data
from 1962, sales of the two automakers amounted to 99.7 million units through March
of this year.
The two automakers’ car sales surged from 2000 when Hyundai Motor Group was first
established after Hyundai Motor acquired Kia Motors a year before. From 2000 until last
month, 78.54 million cars were sold, accounting for 79 percent of total accumulated
More cars were sold in the overseas markets, according to company data. Until last
month, 29.82 million cars were sold in the local market while 69.88 million were sold