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KH MOTORS Company has successfully participated in the 19th Internatio…

2015-09-02 16:10

KH MOTORS Company has successfully participated in the 19th International exhibition of spare parts «MIMS powered by Automechanika Moscow» held in Central Exhibition Center "Expocentre" on Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow from 24 - 27 August, 2015.

More than 100 meetings were held within the exhibition, most of which succeeded in signing of contracts and development of joint plans of further cooperation.

 Most of the visitors of our stand were interested in purchase of original spare parts (which are the main focus of our company):





OEM-brands have also attracted special attention and were presented at our stand:





- SECO etc

This year the stand of our own “KROSS” brand has taken a tender interest at the exhibition MIMS-2015 among all the visitors.

Thus, if last year the “KROSS” brand included only 8 product groups, there are more than 30 now.

- Filters (oil, air, cabin, fuel);- Brake pads and shoes;- Belts;- Pump;- Wire- Radiators- Fans- Clutch kits- Shock absorbers- Generators- Starters- Gaskets- bush- etc

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the partners (new ones and those partners who we work with for more than one year), who visited our stand and to express hope that the announced plans and achieved agreements will be implemented soon and in full. We will do our best of our power!

Thank you!

KHMOTORS company celebrates its 10th anniversary

2015-08-28 21:55

Dear partners!

KHMOTORS company celebrates its 10th anniversary this year - a serious period for business.

Our company has confidently taken its place among leading suppliers of spare parts in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Moreover, we have taken the place of spare parts, oils and fluids supplier not only for cars but also for trucks.

During this time we have set and achieved lots of goals:

- Sales market was expanded significantly

- Sales of original production increased to 15 000 000 Usd per year

- The range of suggested brands doubled

- All business processes in office and warehouse were optimized.

- KHMOTORS company became a permanent member of most major car forums (Automechanika, etc)

- KROSS brand has become recognizable around the world and occupies a significant part of aftermarket in many countries (Brasil etc)

Mostly because of trust and loyalty of our partners made successful development of our business possible. In conclusion we would like to thank all our dear customers for trust, patience, recommendations, new orders and suggestions.


2015-08-24 13:53
Oil seal is a very important though in expensive part of engine. If oil seal is defective it may cause engine oil leakage. We can offer qualitative oil seal at low prices. We suggest oil seals  wholesale and retail.

Oil filters

2015-08-14 14:15
KH Motors company has started manufacturing, assembly and packaging of oil filters on one of the best factories in South Korea. The range will consist of filters for all Korean, Japanese, and popular European car brands. “Kross” branded oil filters are distinguished for the high quality which does not concede to originals in technical characteristics.


2015-08-07 17:19
Dear partners!
We are pleased to offer you items from our stock list (review the attached file).
These items we are keeping in our warehouse as stock, and are planned to sell some of them to customer with very cheap price.
If you are interested in our stock list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you!

KROSS have been certified by Russian GOST

2015-07-31 22:50
KHMotors company conducted a research of shock absorbers manufactured under the Kross brand name. Due to the research results it was concluded  that Kross branded shock absorbers not only fully comply with technical standards and GOST (Russia) but also have a large safety margin and longer usage duration when used in normal conditions.

MIMS 2015 location was changed

2015-07-27 17:22

Dear partners,

KH Motors booth at Automechanika MIMS 2015  location was changed to Pavillion 2-3, both No. 465.

Please, inform us about preferable meeting time beforehand.



2015-07-20 14:30
Dear partners!
AUTOMECHANIKA 2015  Moscow exhibition  will be held in August 24-27.
EXPOCENTER KRASNAYA PRESNYA, 1st Krasnogvardeyskiy proezd, 12, 123100, Moscow, Russia
KH MOTORS booth number is M137, Hall 3, Pavillion 8


2015-07-14 15:21
Dear partners!
KH Motors company informs you about new groups of “KROSS” branded car spare parts available for purchase.
The new product range includes: rails, clutch discs, clutch covers, tensioners and clutch kits. All the “KROSS” branded spare parts are manufactured only in the best South Korean factories and supplied with certificate of quality y and obligatory warranty for all spare parts. 


2015-07-06 10:44
Dear partners!
We have pleasure to invite you to the 19th Automechanika Moscow  2015 International exhibition of automotive parts, components, car maintenance equipment and products, which will take place in MOSCOW EXPOCENTRE 24-27.08.2015.
We will be glad to see you at our booth and discuss various options of cooperation.
Our booth number will be known later.
Thank you.


2015-06-29 15:53
Dear partners!
One of the main activities of our company is a wholesale trade of original MOBIS / General Motors / Ssang Yong oils. You can order any quantity of the items you are interested in at favorable prices. Our strategy is to provide our customers with qualitative products and attention to meet different needs.
Thank you.

A wide range of "Kross"...

2015-07-03 15:47

A wide range of "Kross" branded production was delivered to the company's  warehouses:

Shock absorber, cabin filters, timing belts, belt kits.

Hurry up! The quantity of goods is limited.

Be sure you purchase quality and reliability.


2015-06-10 15:13


2015-05-12 22:23
Dear partners!
2 - 6 June, 2015 «AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI», Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.The company «KHMOTORS» is a regular participant «AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI».
We are sure that many of you will come to the UAE to visit the exhibition this year, which brings together all the major suppliers and manufacturers from around the world.
In this regard, our company «KHMOTORS» invites you to visit our booth (booth number can bewill clarify in a week on our website for direct dating, negotiations on cooperation, discussing our suggestions and possibilities. For the convenience of communication representatives of our company owning the Korean, English and Russian languages are constantly on the stand.
We welcome you and look forward for a meeting.
Thank you.

MIMS powered by Automechanika Moscow 2014

2014-09-15 09:47
Dear partners!
KHMOTORS Company took part in the 18th International Exhibition of spare parts «MIMS powered by Automechanika Moscow», held in "Expocentre" on Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow from 25 - 28 August, 2014.
As a result of the exhibition was carried out more than 100 successful meetings, most of which ended with the signing of contracts, as well as the approval of plans for further cooperation.
Most of the visitors at  our stand were interested in basic Korean original brand :
Attention of our customers and partners were  attracted by  OEM-brands, what  products are presented at our stand:
Also this year's exhibition the company KHMOTORS presented its own brand KROSS, which includes all the major commodity groups (filters, pads, pumps, gaskets, wires, etc.)
In conclusion we would like to thank all partners, colleagues (new and those with whom we work for longer than one year) and to express the hope that the announced plans and the agreements will be implemented soon and fully. Thank you!
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